A Type B Teacher

I am no perfectionist. In fact, I am the queen of “good enough!” I am rarely in my classroom after 3:30 pm, and I don’t spend my evenings grading papers and scouring the internet for new activities. Don’t get me wrong, I am great at my job, and because I don’t care about straight lines, organized closets, or Pinterest worthy lessons, I have a BLAST!

A few scandalous things about me…..

I don’t plan more than a day in advance-if that.

I rarely cut in straight lines.

I don’t spend hours decorating my classroom.

My bulletin boards don’t all have boarders.

I spend my preps planning the next lesson.

My shelves don’t have labels.

I don’t use rulers when I draw lines.

I am a minimalist.

Most of the things I hang up are crooked.

There are often crayons in the marker drawer and I don’t give a …

My desk is usually a mess-sometimes sticky.

As an elementary school teacher these things are taboo! I am so sick of reading teacher blogs that show these perfect teachers in these gorgeous classrooms who spend hours harping over posters, fonts, themes, and customized accessories. Who has time for that?! It’s time to let go of your Instagram worthy-classroom and see things through the laid back eyes of a Type-B teacher.



One thought on “A Type B Teacher

  1. Thank you for posting this! I am going through my student teaching in first grade currently and have previously worked as a paraprofessional in a type A classroom. As I’m helping the teacher set up the classroom for the school year, I’ve been plagued with doubts about if I’m crafty and perfectionist enough to fit into this profession! There has been so much cutting with a cutter, writing in pretty handwriting, and stapling boarders. This post reassures me that I’m not alone and that the bulletin boards and pretty decorations don’t matter so much 🙂


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