Lists, calendars, and post-its OH MY!

I came across these lists the other day and they made me laugh.

Ohhhh so accurate. As a Type-B teacher, I rarely have things written down. When I do, they are scratched onto post-it notes, which I usually do lose or they end up stuck to my shoe by the end of the school day. Should I buy these from Blair Turner Paper? Is it even worth it? They basically speak for themselves- my lists are for show, and they usually get lost. However I constantly find myself trying to look like a Type- A teacher just to fit in with my colleagues. Most of the other teachers at my elementary school are unbelievably organized and stress out if they don’t have every little thing planned out.  Me, not so much.

Just to make myself clear, this is not always the best approach. I cannot tell you how many times I have come into school and found out there is an assembly scheduled. I mean what do I expect when my calendar still says September and it’s October 9th. Even if I turned the page, it wouldn’t matter because I have nothing written down on my calendar to begin with. But I know what day it is, my 5th graders know what day it is, and we were still able to get shit done.

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