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Mindset Matters

As a school we have adapted the Growth Mindset Model.  The model showcases the fixed vs the growth mindset. In a nutshell, people with a fixed mindset believe that you are born with a fixed set of skills, talent, and potential. That it’s genetic. These are the people who say things like “my mom was bad at math so I am too.” UGH! People with a growth mindset understand that with practice and perseverance, anything is achievable and our brain learns new things.

I decided to post a board in my classroom full of the fixed vs growth mindset messages to remind me of how I can positively influence my students with my words. I found many different boards on Pinterest (I certainly wasn’t going to make up my own) and settled this one.


I mean if this board doesn’t show my Type-B teaching, idk what does. Ripped boarder, unaligned words, uneven spacing… how many of you are twitching as you read this?

I am constantly referring my students to this board when they make a fixed comment, and sometimes they even help ME change my language. Yes, it’s a bit cheesy but it really does help my students be more confident and positive. If a child thinks that they only have a certain amount of talent, they will never be self-motivated to try harder and push through a challenge. The Growth Mindset Model proves to them that regardless of their background they are capable of anything with hard work and perseverance.

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