Reading Workshop Notes

This is only my 4th year teaching so there are many things I still don’t feel great about. Reading workshop is one of them. As a teacher of 5th graders, reading workshop isn’t so much teaching new skills, but more like reinforcing them to utilize skills and strategies they have already learned. During our workshops, I do a quick 10 minute mini lesson, and then my kiddos are supposed to have 40 minutes of uninterrupted reading. During that time I typically go around and read with some kids, pull a few for small strategy groups like decoding or fluency, and check in 1:1 with others to make sure they are reading appropriate texts for their reading levels and making headway on their reading goals.


In the past I have never had a system for this and to be honest, I started using some of that independent reading time to catch up on grading or to prep something for the next activity. Anyone else guilty of this? So this year I am trying something new. A reading notes notebook.

Now this took me…maybe 15 minutes to set up. I have 23 students this year, so I divided the notebook into 23 sections using tabs.


Each student has 2 pages where I jot down something quick after I meet with them during reading workshop.


This has really held me accountable, and it allows me to quickly see who I have and have not checked in with in a while. Plus, it looks GREAT when I sit down with colleagues or parents to discuss student progress. It is a quick and easy tool that makes this Type- B teacher appear MUCH more organized than I am.

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