“I don’t have anything to read!” I hate when kids complain to me about not having anything to read. It’s not because I’m a jerk, but because it seems like no matter what I recommend they always say “naw” or “I already read that”. So last year I started a Readbox. It’s a play on Redbox and it holds books that students in the class recommend. My students know that when in doubt, they can check the Readbox and grab a book that their peers love. Now I will admit, I sometimes throw in a few books of my own, mainly to keep the genres, levels, and story types diverse. I want to make sure that everyone can find something they can read and enjoy. 20171010_133214

I have seen some teachers do this but with recommendation cards tucked into the books. While I think that’s a great idea, that just wouldn’t work for me. I can see myself after school picking up recommendation cards off the ground, looking for the book they go to and I just don’ have the time or energy for that. The books on the readbox speak for themselves.

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