What’s Worse, Teaching on Halloween or the Day After?

Good luck to all my fellow teachers out there today.



Lists, calendars, and post-its OH MY!

I came across these lists the other day and they made me laugh.

Ohhhh so accurate. As a Type-B teacher, I rarely have things written down. When I do, they are scratched onto post-it notes, which I usually do lose or they end up stuck to my shoe by the end of the school day. Should I buy these from Blair Turner Paper? Is it even worth it? They basically speak for themselves- my lists are for show, and they usually get lost. However I constantly find myself trying to look like a Type- A teacher just to fit in with my colleagues. Most of the other teachers at my elementary school are unbelievably organized and stress out if they don’t have every little thing planned out.  Me, not so much.

Just to make myself clear, this is not always the best approach. I cannot tell you how many times I have come into school and found out there is an assembly scheduled. I mean what do I expect when my calendar still says September and it’s October 9th. Even if I turned the page, it wouldn’t matter because I have nothing written down on my calendar to begin with. But I know what day it is, my 5th graders know what day it is, and we were still able to get shit done.


A Type B Teacher

I am no perfectionist. In fact, I am the queen of “good enough!” I am rarely in my classroom after 3:30 pm, and I don’t spend my evenings grading papers and scouring the internet for new activities. Don’t get me wrong, I am great at my job, and because I don’t care about straight lines, organized closets, or Pinterest worthy lessons, I have a BLAST!

A few scandalous things about me…..

I don’t plan more than a day in advance-if that.

I rarely cut in straight lines.

I don’t spend hours decorating my classroom.

My bulletin boards don’t all have boarders.

I spend my preps planning the next lesson.

My shelves don’t have labels.

I don’t use rulers when I draw lines.

I am a minimalist.

Most of the things I hang up are crooked.

There are often crayons in the marker drawer and I don’t give a …

My desk is usually a mess-sometimes sticky.

As an elementary school teacher these things are taboo! I am so sick of reading teacher blogs that show these perfect teachers in these gorgeous classrooms who spend hours harping over posters, fonts, themes, and customized accessories. Who has time for that?! It’s time to let go of your Instagram worthy-classroom and see things through the laid back eyes of a Type-B teacher.